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What's the difference between hardcopy and pdf?

A Hardcopy is a physical copy in which I make the template for you and ship it out.

A PDF is a electronic file, where you print and may use the template right away.

Can I make different sizes from a Paper Flower template?

Yes. “Paper flower” template designs are a set that creates a small, medium, and large paper flowers.

What paper should I use and where can I buy it?

Cardstock, 65-67lb.

Can be purchased at Michaels, Hobby lobby, Kelly Paper, etc.


What is the difference between a paper flower and Rose template?

A paper flower makes a flower.

A paper rose makes a rose.

Paper flowers are flat, whereas paper roses are not.

Both are created differently.

Does a Rose come with a %22Rose Center%22?

Yes. A rose without a rose center would not be a rose, it would be a paper flower.

Rose templates will have centers and outer petals.

Paper flowers can have “rose centers” which are separate purchases.

Rose centers for paper flowers give them a “rose-like” look.

What's the difference between %22Ann's Medium Rose%22 & %22Neville's Medium Rose%22?

Ann’s Medium Rose

Neville’s Medium Rose

– 12×12 Paper

– Folding Required

– More Flat

– 8×11 Paper

– Not Folded

– More Layers of Petals

– More sheets of paper used

Can I make different sizes from a Rose Paper template?

No. Different rose sizes require a different template.
Example: A Small Rose will not make a Medium/Large Rose.

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