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First Expo

Thoughts on my first Premier Holiday Expo in Sacramento.
First Expo

by Darya Shakhunov

March 07, 2018

Sacramento Premier Holiday Expo

My First Expo

When I heard the word “Booth” and “Expo”, excitement began to pump through my veins. Soon, questions and exclamations crowded up my mind.  Wow, my first local event! What should I put in my booth? What should I wear? How will it be like? What will I say when people walk by?etc.

Personally, I don’t do too much of “in person” action when it comes to my business. I don’t know if I am shy or I like to be private, but I do know I would avoid it. So, for me, this expo was a chance to get out of that bubble of comfort. It was exciting because I knew I needed to get out this boundary line and get out there locally. This would benefit me in ways I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

But did it really benefit me?

A friend invited me to help at a Sacramento Premier Expo. I was asked to create a Photo Booth and some roses for the Christmas Trees/ wreaths. It was a Charity event, and their budget was very tight. You know what that means? Free work was needed.

This was a Sacramento Premier Holiday Expo where small, local business’s were called to join, showcase, and sell their products! Given to my research, it was going to be FUN; numerous brands, unique range of products, live DJ, Food tasting, Fashion Show, etc.

I found a hard time passing this invitation off. I knew I wanted exposure locally. Sooooo.. I decided to help. For free.

I partnered with Anna Tkachuk, owner of ‘For the Love of Parties’, who was also volunteering for the same reason.

Approximately 2,000 people were expected to be at this Expo Event. We both wanted to try our very best with our own personal budgets. I rented a U haul truck to deliver and pick up the rose wall, materials, tools, etc for $130. I worked 2 weeks making paper roses. I was up at 6 am and stayed up until midnight. Everything was delivered, set, and picked up. Additional hands were used to help with the installations of the walls. Thank you for the labor help, family. The work put into this was excessive.

There were many awesome small business’s to choose from. But here are two that I love!


“Love of parties is a platform where anyone and everyone can rent out party items. It’s like Etsy or Facebook, but for rentals! People just create a profile, upload pictures of their rentals and love of parties takes care of the rest. College students, stay at home moms and party rental companies use it. It’s super easy to use and you get some extra cash while you’re at it!” -Anna Tkachuk

Instagram: @4theloveofparties



“Agnes and Dora designs feel good fashion for women. We offer tunics, dresses, cardigans, and leggings. Feel confident in comfortable, practical clothes that make you look amazing!” -Kristina Kohler, Independent Sales Rep.

Kristina Kohler,  Independent Sales Rep.

Instagram: @agnesanddora


Facebook: Kristina’s Agnes and Dora Boutique 

Amber Snipers,  Independent Sales Rep.


Facebook: Amber’s Agnes and Dora VIP Shopping



Questions and Answers about Volunteering for a large expo and having my first booth.

1) Would I do an event for free?

After my experience, No. Especially a large one.

2) Was this event fun?

The outcome of this expo was not exceeded in high numbers. The fun part was seeing creative women and men, pursuing their passions behind a small table. I have never seen such creativity, and excitement in such a small amount of space. It was inspiring to see small business’s doing what they enjoy, and strive for others to enjoy it too.

3) Was it Beneficial?

In my opinion, it gave me some sort of exposure, but only to the business owners there and a few walk by’s. I hope it will benefit me in the future as well.

4) If you had to do it all over again, would you?

I would, but I would charge for my hours of work, preparation, and delivery.

5) Would you do more Expo’s in the future?

I don’t want to do a lot. Personally, it’s too much labor work for me. Maybe one or 2 a year, and I would be more wise with my time.

6) Did you make any sales?

Lets just say, I spent more than I sold. Once I laid my eyes on skirts with pockets and floral prints, my weak spot was hit.

Even though, it was hard and expensive, it was a blessing.

I loved seeing the reaction when people came to my booth. The shock on their faces, saying, “This is paper?”

I loved seeing women stepping into their God-given gifts to make money doing what they love.

In person, I enjoyed knowing and seeing, that women are chasing their dreams, pursuing their passions, and building or built businesses.

What a sight to see.


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