About Me

Hey, there.

I’m Darya ❤️
& Ann Neville Design
is my brand.

Growing up I was always into art. I remember seeing paper flowers at Macy’s for their spring 2015 collection and I was just blown away. For decorative purposes, I made a couple for myself . Soon I began receiving requests from friends and relatives to make paper flowers. The more paper flowers I created, the more I got excited. In addition, the idea of contributing to my family’s well-being, as a wife and as a mother, inspired me to create an Instagram page dedicated to paper flowers called Ann Neville Design on July 16th, 2015.

I’ve always paid attention to detail. My dad is an artist and always encouraged me to look deeper every time I created or drew something. Up to this day, his advice strives me towards perfection with every flower and every template.

After instructing a few classes on how to create paper flowers and roses, I realized that I have a passion in encouraging people that anyone could create paper flowers.


My mission is to exercise my creativity and innovative ideas by developing templates and paper flowers. I will encourage all by saying that anyone could create these paper flowers. I want all of my work to be a product of God’s inspiration and a blessing to my fellow paper flower makers.

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